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By on May 30, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the huge smartphones on the market. The phone has a 5.3in and the successor Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5in screen. Because of wide screens on these phones, they are named as phablet which means they are neither a phone nor a tablet. In this article, you can find the best Galaxy Note Apps which is usable on your Galaxy Note Smartphone.

5 Samsung Galaxy Note Apps

It can be listed many more Samsung Galaxy Note Apps. But for this post, we will list only 5 apps among the best ones. You can use the featured Galaxy Note Apps for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone, if you have one.

Galaxy Note Apps 1: Evernote Skitch (Free)

You can use Skitch as a annotation tool for your images. Annotate images, maps, screenshots or your photos with this app. You can share your edited image with your friends easily. This is a good one of Galaxy Note apps.

  • To explain an idea, you can create lines and scribbles.
  • Maps, screenshots and webpages can be easily annotated.
  • Highlight the text on your images.
  • Zoom and crop images.
  • Reposition the lines, arrows and all drawings you have made.
  • Share your images and much more…

Download Skitch from Google Play Store

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Galaxy Note Apps 2: Handwrite Notes Notepad Pro (3.96 $)

You can use this Galaxy Note app as a notepad, to-do list, journal, sticky note or a memo pad. You don’t need to lose your papers as crumpled anymore. You can handwrite your notes and edit whenever you want. Handwrite Notes Notepad has a unique place in Galaxy Note apps.

  • Edit and format your papers freely with your handwriting.
  • Organize your notes according to date, title and lable.
  • Customize the pen styles.
  • Autosave feature.
  • Desktop widgets.
  • Copy and paste images and texts.

Download Handwrite Notes Notepad Pro from Google Play Store

The free version of this Galaxy Note app doesn’t have the features unlimited notebooks, pdf export, continuous writing and more paper styles. Click to download app from Google Play Store.

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Galaxy Note Apps 3: Kingsoft Office (Free)

You can use Kingsoft Office to create document, spreadsheet and slide animations. This is the only app that you can find full-features free. This app running on Android 2.1 and above systems. This is a need for all android devices and has a unique place in Galaxy Note apps.

  • Supports 23 file types, including doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, ppt, pptx, pdf…
  • Built-in file manager.
  • Support cloud storages like Google Drive.
  • View and edit documents in page/web layout.
  • Spell check.
  • Rich formatting features.
  • And much more…

Download Kingsoft Office from Google Play Store

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Galaxy Note Apps 4: Flipboard (Free)

Flipboard brings the most shared and popular news on the social media in a beautiful magazine style for your Android Phone. Some of the features listed below. This is a free version app for Galaxy Note apps.

  • You can find all news in one place.
  • Search for people, topics, blogs, hashtags and more..
  • Connect up to 12 social networks.
  • Save for later reading.
  • Create Flipboard account to access your favorites from anywhere .
  • Widgets and more…

Download Flipboard from Google Play Store

Flipboard App

Flipboard App

Galaxy Note Apps 5: VLC for Android Beta

VLC for Android is a free and open-source media player app. It is widely known and used on pc and notebooks. One of the best media player on the internet. It supports most multimedia files. Some of the features of this Galaxy Note app is listed below;

  • Plays local files and network streams.
  • Media Library.
  • Subtitle support.

Download VLC for Android from Google Play Store

VLC for Android

VLC for Android


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