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By on May 9, 2013

All Apple-lovers are waiting for the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, iOS 7. There will be many new iOS 7 features which is not present on iOS 6. Below you will find the news, rumors and the list of new iOS 7 features which is expected by the mobile world.

iOS 7 Release Date

It is expected Apple to unveil new operating system at WWDC -Worldwide Developer Conference- in June. Under normal conditions the iOS 7 release date will be in June, but Apple is working on many new ios 7 features and there are rumors about the iOS 7 release date delay.

Rumors about iOS 7 Features

Jonathan Ive expressed that it is waiting us a completely new design, redesign of iOS. As we know, the design of iOS hasn’t changed so much since it was launched. But the new iOS 7 features will impress us according to Jonathen Ive.

Jony Ive Apple Senior Vice President Design, iOS 7 Features

Jony Ive Apple Senior Vice President Design


Multitasking is not a new feature in mobile world. Android has this feature for a while, but this is a new one of iOS 7 features, we agree. Just a copy feature from Android.

YouTube Preview Image

Customizable Home Screen

A more customizable and more information having home screen is expected. It may meet us a home screen which is showing such as unread emails and live information.

NFC Support

Samsung Galaxy S3 has already this feature. With upcoming Apple devices and iOS 7, integrated NFC is waiting us. This not a new in smartphone world but new for iOS 7 features.

iOS 7 Features Wish List

  • USB Storage and File Explorer
  • Animated Wallpapers
  • Work and Personal modes which is like BlackBerry’s Research in Motion.
  • Widgets like in Android
  • Improved Email Management
  • Notification Area Quick Settings
  • Flash Player Support
  • Auto Update Setting
  • User Interface Themes
  • Lock Screen Unread Item Count
  • Longer PIN Code for a better Security
  • Default Application Setting
  • Unnecessary Apps with Uninstall Option
  • Multiple User Accounts on a Device
  • Offline Maps
  • Intelligent Search

iOS 7 Concept Videos

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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