iPhone 5S Rumours, Everything You Want to Know About iPhone 5S

By on March 30, 2013

The new model, iPhone 5S, is the key concern nowadays for the smart phone authorities. What features will be introduced and what will be improved. Apple is preparing the 5S as a rival to the Samsung Galaxy S4. There are so many speculations on the internet about the new generation of iPhone. We have collected the strongest news about the possible features.

iPhone 5S Concept

iPhone 5S Concept

iPhone 5S Release Date

iPhone 5 was released on 21 September, 2012. Normally, we can expect the new model, after 1 year later. But Samsung, Apple’s direct competitor, will planning to release its strongest phone Galaxy S4 on April. This can make Apple to release the new model earlier than expected. It seems that Galaxy S4 reign will not take a long time.


It has been rumored that Apple will get rid of the old technology retina display because of high energy consumption.  The new display will have much better resolution and much lesser energy consumption than retina display. Some sources claim that the new display will be Sharp IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Display). IGZO’s most important feature is very little energy consumption and extreme high resolution.

Finger-print Reader

One of the most important features of new iPhone will be -according to the claim- the finger-print reader. Users can make their App Store shopping more securely and the phone’s general security level will be increased.

Super HD Camera

iPhone 5 already has a great camera and can take crystal clear photos even in low light sources. But Apple does not satisfy with this and planning to mount a better quality, 13MP capability camera. iPhone 5 has now iSight camera and Apple will take an important step with the new generation.


Everybody was waiting iPhone 5 with 4-core processor, but Apple confused everybody and put on the market with 2-core A6 chipset. According to the rumors 5S will have a 4-core processor A7 chipset and this is also one of the strong rumors that will be real.


According to rumors, Apple will release the new iPhone with rainbow color choices. How could it be, if we see yellow, red, blue, green, orange colored iPhones on the market.

iPhone 5S Rumored Color Choices

iPhone 5S Rumored Color Choices


NFC stands for NearField Communication. Samsung has used this technology with Galaxy S3 model phone. The devices that has NFC technology can communicate with each other without any physical connection. This is a great technology but it has spread very slowly as opposed to popular belief. If iPhone 5S come with NFC technology, we will not surprised!

Wireless Charge

It is time to throw off wires. We don’t think that Apple give up so easily from the Lightning technology that was introduced with iPhone 5. But iPhone 5S can be introduced to our lifes with this technology. It is not a fantasy and close to the reality.

iOS 7

iOS 6 was a disappointment for most of Apple lovers. iOS have had never so many bugs. Most probably, Apple will try to fix this image with new iPhone model.

The above mentioned features are possible and not fantasy features. But Apple’s marketing strategy will show us what features will come with iPhone 5 successor.

some images acquired by cultofmac.com, gearburn.com and stupiddope.com.


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