Mid Range Galaxy Phones Android KitKat Update

By on December 8, 2013

A while ago some information about Android KitKat update for Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models had appeared. This time new information about mid range Samsung Galaxy Phones Android KitKat update was leaked to the internet.

Mid range Samsung phones KitKat update list

Mid range Samsung phones KitKat update list

Probably by the same source leaked document belonging to Samsung’s mid range Galaxy smartphones are seen in an update list. The following mid range galaxy phones are shown in this list:

  • Galaxy S4 Mini
  • Galaxy S3 Mini
  • Ace 3
  • S Advance
  • Fame
  • Core
  • Fresh
  • Ace 2

In the title of the list stands out that the mid range galaxy models are under investigation. This list shows that Samsung is working on KitKat update to bring it to mid range Galaxy phones.  Supporting up to 512MB of RAM of Android KitKat version has allowed to enter the level of coverage of more mid range galaxy models.

It has been rumored that Galaxy Mega 5.8, Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Galaxy S4 Mini will get the Android KitKat update into summer. Other models in the list but still carries 1GB and 512MB RAM models. However, some mid range Galaxy models like S Advance and Ace 2 which have long been in the market are not guaranteed to get the KitKat update.

If the document is correct, the sum of the Samsung phones which will have the KitKat update is more than the sum of LG, Sony and HTC devices which will get the update. More information will emerge in the coming months regarding the availability of the models.

Some photos taken from vr-zone.com


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