Samsung Galaxy S3 Common Problems

By on March 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 users have problems with some common device issues. 50% of this issues are related to microphone problem, 15% each for overheating and battery life, 10% for Wi-Fi and 10% for the other problems. Below you can find the most common Galaxy S3 problems that users have experienced and complained.

Microphone Problem

S3 users complaining about the low voice volume level and the call is not clear. Some sources claim that the microphone malfunction is the biggest problem of S3. There is a firmware update to fix this issue. If the problem continues, then reset the phone to factory settings.

Some users have a solution by switching off the noise reduction setting. You can switch off the noise reduction from following path: Settings>Call Settings>Additional Settings>Noise Reduction> Not selected.

Battery Draining Problem

This issue has been reported for international model of the S3. Users reported that battery runs out quickly, even when it is not being used actively. This issue is also solved with a software update. This problem also reported for when trying to connect to LTE network.

Overheating Problem

This problem also commonly reported in predecessor Galaxy S2. The heating issue is most likely come out because the thin chassis of S3. To fix this issue some users recommend to update device software and some are recommending to reduce settings that consumes too much battery like animated wallpapers, screen brightness.

Long Charging Durations

Some users have reported that charging duration of S3 takes too much time and sometimes stuck on certain percentages. Here are some fixes for this problem;

  1. Buy a new charger and mini usb cable compatible with your Galaxy S3 which is non-Samsung branded. Try the combinations below;
    • Original charger + non-Samsung cable
    • Original cable + non-Samsung charger
  2. Check the mini USB slot whether something is in slot. Some people fixed the problem by this way.
  3. Charge your phone with USB from PC or laptop. If red light is not on or your pc does not see your phone or the screen of phone keeps turning on about every 10 seconds then disconnect and restart the phone.
  4. And the hardest and dangerous to do by yourself one is rising the pins a little from USB slot. With the help of a needle, rise the pins a little in USB slot. This may fix the problem that is probable poor connection between USB wire and USB slot.

Wi-Fi Connections Issues

Galaxy S3 can easily drops signal when connected to a Wi-fi network. This issue has been reported by some users. You can try the following solution in video;

YouTube Preview Image

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