Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems – Most Common Ones

By on May 22, 2013

Every new Galaxy smartphone comes with new problems. Although Samsung releases powerful and high-end smartphones on the market, Android OS disappoint the anticipations of users. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, then you probably have some of the problems listed below. Read about the Galaxy S4 problems.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Overheating Problem

Some of Galaxy S4 users have been complaining about the overheating problem. They are experiencing this problem while they are playing games and watching videos. Some have reported this problem while browsing the web, using camera or charging the phone.


  • Possibly a software problem. Check for updates if any released.
  • An installed program can cause this problem. Check for program updates if any released or try to uninstall it.
  • Remove the SD Card and backup all your data onto your computer. Then insert the micro SD Card and format it. This may help you to solve the problem.
  • After the tries described over, if Galaxy S4 continues heating up, then contact your retailer or Samsung to report the problem. You can possibly get a replacement.

Battery Drain Problem

You have high-end smartphone in your hands. Galaxy S4 is one of the strongest smartphones on the market. If you use it a lot, then you will face with the battery drain. Every smartphone has this problem. But if you are using your phone lightly and complaining about heavy battery drain, then you have the problem. Try the solutions described below.


  • Enable the power saving mode.
  • Disable all the features that you are not using like GPS, NFC, Mobile data, Wi-Fi…
  • Readjust the screen brightness and lower the settings.
  • Disable the sync option. Or adjust the sync duration from options.
  • A dark wallpaper may help to decrease battery drain.

Lack of Storage Problem

While the Android OS and pre-installed apps takes over 6GB of storage, you will not have so much free storage (16GB version). You might need to have a micro SD Card to expand the storage you can use.


  • You can buy a micro SD Card up to 64GB. Some apps can’t be installed to SD Card. In this situation, you can root your Galaxy S4 and break the limitations.
  • You can use cloud storage solutions.

Lag Problem

Some users are complaining about the lag while they are using the phone. They have experienced this, while unlocking the phone, pressing the home button and while opening or closing the apps.


  • Change the window animation settings. To do this, go to Settings > Developer Options and change the Window Animations Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale to Animation is off.
  • Disable the Unlock Screen Effect. Go to Settings > My Device > Lock Screen and change the Unlock Effect to None.
  • Disable the double-tap activation of S-Voice via Home button.

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