Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner Rumors

By on December 25, 2013

The rumors about Galaxy S5 screen and security concepts that is closely followed by end users are exciting. Samsung which is one of the most followed brand of MWC may announce Galaxy S5 eye scanner feature in MWC 2014.

galaxy s5 eye scanner

Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner

It has been raised a claim for the eye scanner feature as integrated into the device to arrive on. Samsung Galaxy S5 will also have the capability of displaying 2560×1400 pixel. According to some sources, Galaxy S5 will be announced in Mobile World Congress 2014 with a magnificent presentation and the main theme of event will be the Galaxy S5 eye scanner.

It’s not hard to estimate that Samsung wants to do it. The question is how long time we will have to wait to see this technology on a Samsung smartphone, if we don’t see the eye scanner feature on Samsung Galaxy S5. And the real question is how many people would use the eye scan feature by holding the phone up to their eyes.

Accordingly, the device likely to have an iris scanner, will scan the eye of person who owns the device and keep this in the memory. Thus, the Galaxy S5 which is expected to be personalized will recognize the owner.

We’re excited about the Mobile World Congress 2014 which will start in February 2014. Many mobile device manufacturers will introduce their new technologies to the whole world. As from Mobile World Congress 2014, it may begin a new era for smartphones and tablet computers.

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