Why You Should Get a Tablet

By on April 1, 2013
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Not too long ago, the question was “why should I get a laptop computer”, but with technology constantly improving, laptops are becoming less needed day by day.

Why is this so? The answer is, people are always seeking for smaller portable devices that occupy less space, less weight as well as easier to use in terms of interactivity and simplicity and today “Tablet PCs” offer just that.

There are a number of reasons why getting a tablet is a very good choice:

1. Portability

2. Interactivity

3.Wide Varity of apps and games


Portability is the major advantage of a Tablet. Having a tablet you can easily bring it wherever you want to in whatever you want to, since tablets can be so small that you can even tuck them in your pocket or handbag. Tablets are also very light weighted and unlike some laptops and indeed desktops, a tablet is ideal for travelling.  Imagine you having a device that you can take anywhere you want-taking photos, videos, surfing the internet wirelessly, playing your favourite games, completing school work etc. Well, a tablet offers all of that in one package.


Another major advantage of a tablet is that it is very interactive having a full touch screen that allows you to directly interact with icons, images etc using your fingers- this give you a sense of reality. For example, to zoom a picture, you just simple use your fingers to grab the image on screen and for scrolling down or up on a page, you just simple need to push the page up or down like you are moving a real paper.

Variety of apps and games available

Most tablets are either powered by android Operating system or by apple OSs. These platforms offer a wide variety of applications and games for users for them to get the maximum enjoyment of their tablets. Android developers through affiliation and partnering have also built a number of these apps and games similar to those of Windows. Therefore, tablet users have not much reason to miss their Mac or Windows laptop.

In concluding, it is very evident that  having tablet puts you on a higher pedestal than laptop users-in that you have far more freedom and you can go about using and taking you device where you want, like it’s your own. Not trying to bash laptops or even desktops because they still have their place at home, in your office, etc, but surely, they don’t give the experience that a tablet does.


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