Best protective case for iPhone 6

By on March 20, 2015
best protective case for iPhone 6

OtterBox Defender Series case for iPhone 6

Though proven to be of a very sturdy built, the Apple iPhone 6 like all other smartphones can be seriously damaged by shock it absorbs when hit a hard surface. This simply means that a simple fall could instantly cripple the functioning of your iPhone 6. With that fact at hand, you want to get the best protection for your phone by getting the best protective case for iPhone 6; the OtterBox Defender Series.

This Defender Series iPhone 6 case utilizes three extremely rugged layers of protective materials to guard your device not only against destructive drops, but also against dirt, scrapes and bumps. Below is a detailed breakdown of the features of the best protective case for iPhone 6; the OtterBox Defender Series and how it combines all the different parts to ensure full protection of your Smartphone.

best protective case for iPhone 6

OtterBox Defender Series case for iPhone 6 pulled apart

The Multi-layer case protects your iPhone 6 from all drops and bumps courtesy of its amazing shock-absorbing ability which is facilitated by the inclusion of its internal foam padding.

The Built-in screen protector works very well in protecting the touch-screen from scratches and scrapes. On that same note, this same protective membrane still allows users to have full touch access and features.

This case has a number of port plugs which prevent dust and other debris from entering your devices through its various openings. These plugs cover the ear-phone jack slot, charging slot, etc.

Snap-click plastic shell ensures hassle-free on-off installation while the innovative Holster clips allows you to simple clip it unto straps or belts. This ensures that your iPhone 6 is safely strapped to you and never fall, regardless of the activity you are engaged in.


The Otterbox defender series case for iPhone 6 should certainly be a top choice for all iPhone 6 users who value their device and as such ensure that it is protected from any sort of physical damages. With its all-round protection and slick deign, it doesn’t take away much of your phone’s beauty.

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