Everything about Galaxy S8 – features and price!

By on November 28, 2016

The Galaxy S8 began to leak about its features. It looks like the Galaxy S8 will outperform the Note7 with its features. Read the leaks about Galaxy S8 specifications.

It became definite after the Note7’s production was halted and its sales were withdrawn, as the Galaxy S8 was going to be a phone with features. However, it was still a question of how Galaxy S8 would come to the forefront with its features. According to the leak, the Galaxy S8 features will have more advanced features than the Note7 model.

Leak about Galaxy S8 features

How will the Galaxy S8 camera features be?

Galaxy S8 Features - Camera

Many claims have been made for Galaxy S8 features up to now. The Galaxy S8 features dual cameras while the most noteworthy among the spills. As you know, Samsung’s competitor, Apple, switched to dual-camera with the iPhone 7 Plus and received positive feedback from users. Samsung can also offer dual camcorders on the Galaxy S8.

No information is available on how the Galaxy S8’s camera will work. Firms can use the second rear camera for either wide angle or depth of field. It is difficult to predict how the second main camera will work while Samsung will decide for it. However, according to our estimates; Since the first main camera has a wide angle, Samsung will probably use the second camera for depth of field.

Samsung, which includes its own Exynos chipsets in the top model Galaxy series, can give up with the Galaxy S8 in this policy. According to the statements; The Galaxy S8 will feature the Snapdragon 835 chipset. However, on the day of our announcement, 10nm FinFET technology and the production of new Exynos chipsets were announced.

Considering this statement, we can say that the Galaxy S8 can come with the Snapdragon 835 in America and the Exynos chipset in Europe with maybe 10nm FinFET.

According to recent statements; In the RAM section of the Galaxy S8, 6 GB will be preferred.

The Galaxy S8 edge model may not come!

With the Galaxy Note7 model, Samsung is only signaling that it will only use a curved screen in its top models, and Galaxy S8 can also only use curved screens. This means that the Galaxy S8 edge will not come.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to come with a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 4K. However, a new breakthrough has been made on the screen and can be switched to the DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut on the iPhone 7.

According to the latest information, the Galaxy S8 screen case rate will be 90%. This means that the front surface of the Galaxy S8 will be a complete screen.

The eye scanner is coming!

Galaxy S8 Features - Eye Scanner

The IRIS SCANNER in Note7 is said to be in Galaxy S8. Considering the withdrawal of the Note7 from the sale, this statement is likely to be true. The Galaxy S8 will offer a high level of security to the user thanks to its eye scanning feature.

Besides the eye scanner, the optical fingerprint reader will also be on the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 and S-Pen

Galaxy S8 Features - S-pen

The S-Pen, exclusive to the series, reached Galaxy Note7 at a premium level. S-Pen, which is acclaimed for its ability to translate, capture a video on the screen, record underwater, work underwater, and improved features, may come to the “S” series for the first time with the Galaxy S8.

Note that the series has lost a lot of prestige by name. According to our estimates, the Note series will not survive this bad reputation for 1-2 years. Samsung can also make a big surprise by using the S-Pen that it developed on the Galaxy S8.

We expect the price of the Galaxy S8 to be the same as the Galaxy Note 7. But it’s too early to talk about it. Will we see a lower price tag to make Samsung Note 7 forget its bad reputation?


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